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Fava Beans "Lebanese Style", 400g

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  • 10039
    • Chtaura
    • 400g
    • 24 x 400g
    • 84 Karton / Palette
    • Dose
    • 24 Monate
    • Zimmertemperatur
    • Libanon
    • 5283003230383
    • Halal Zertifiziert, Vegetarisch
Fava Beans "Lebanese Style" are a traditional and delicious preparation of fava beans following... more
Product Description "Fava Beans "Lebanese Style", 400g"

Fava Beans "Lebanese Style" are a traditional and delicious preparation of fava beans following a Lebanese recipe. This method of preparation gives the fava beans a unique flavor and a special seasoning that is typical of Lebanese cuisine.

The fava beans are carefully selected and prepared in the Lebanese style. This may include the use of ingredients such as garlic, lemon, olive oil, parsley, and other aromatic spices. This gives the fava beans a fresh taste and a savory aroma.

Fava Beans "Lebanese Style" can be enjoyed as a standalone dish or served as a side dish to complement other meals. They are a popular accompaniment to grilled dishes, mezze (appetizers), or can be used in salads and stews.

These Fava Beans "Lebanese Style" are made using traditional recipes to preserve the authentic flavor. They are free from artificial colors and preservatives, offering a culinary experience that reflects the flavors of Lebanon.

Enjoy the delicious Fava Beans "Lebanese Style" and discover the taste of traditional Lebanese cuisine.

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